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Cocktail Red Dresses: You Can Follow Us @Officialstopstaring And You Can Find Bijou @Bijouphillips

April 3rd, 2017 by admin under cocktail red dresses

cocktail red dresses Their actual cocktail parties were something special.

Think about it.

When was the last time you left a friend’s party complaining as your Moscow mule had being that you wish she will start serving goat cheese in addition to the baked brie and cheddar? You must keep up with us on IG for all the coolest and latest Stop Staring news and sightings.

You can follow us @officialstopstaring and you can find Bijou @bijouphillips.

We love seeing them and can’t wait to share more! We had a very successful show, made a lot of new friends and had ns of fun doing it. What Arianna loved p about our booth was the fact that we have our very own Runway built in…which is our favorite part so with a full blown runway show for nearly any buyer!! SO, day we were super excited to get word, that we were featured on the WWDMagic Blog Guestbook section.

Usually, awesome! Oftentimes And so it’s huge to see we were the favorite, we are super excited to get this honor, cause we see ns of cool booths at the show! On p of this, you probably saw a lot of the awesome photos, By the way I posted last week of our latest trip to WWD MAGIC in Las Vegas.

cocktail red dresses Tradeshows are definitely the highlight of almost any season and the place we go to see all of our hardwork paid off.

Guest Blogger, Arianna Cabral, from the La Catrina de la Moda blog, had picked us as one of her best of show!

Where we went to showcase our new Fall/ Winter 2013 retro Collection dresses. We got picked as having the Best Booth SetUp in the entire show! Peacock Room, we’re looking at your peeps Whether just some stunning pinup photos for your keepsake album,, or your looking for fashion editorial shots.

cocktail red dresses We definitely recommend you hitting up both of these for your next photoshoot, So in case you live in the Detroit area.


They capture the essence of love and nature and are a perfect combination of retro meets modern. Give them both a follow at the links above and remember to send us your favorite photos and Stop Staring! It gets really difficult to choose who to showcase next, with all the awesome submissions we get everyday from all our customers across the planet. She has ns of amazing shots similar to these on her Facebook profile now. Eventually, lindee’s got the photos and The Peacock’s got your fashion. What we love most about Lindee’s photos is that her shots, are so dreamy and whimsical. News…. So, now time to Spotlight a different one of our Amazing Customers! Known this past Labor Day weekend, Molly Ringwald was the many stars who showed up at the Malibu Kiwanis Chili CookOffCarnival and Fair in Malibu, California for the annual Labor Day festivites. For instance, molly was spotted with her 3 adorable kids and, for sure, one of our rockabilly dresses.


This was featured on YAHOO!

You can get yourself familiar with the entire slideshow yourself now by CLICKING HERE! Notice that she looked perfect for an afternoon picnic in our appropriately named TULIP swing dress and classic, casual grey flats. You may remember her from those BANNED Calvin Klein ads from the 90’s, or for her roles in the classic indie movies, likeBully or Havoc. Certainly, always keeping it edgy, she was also best known, for beingone of the hottest of Hollywood party girls, always hanging out at the coolest clubs with fellow socialites, Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Proving she not merely another random starlet but Bijou is here to stay, what’s even cooler is that she’s moved on from her party days and recently married Danny Masterson from That 70’s Show and played Lucy on the hit tv showRaising Hope! Here’s just another awesome reason why you must be, Therefore in case you are not already following us on Instagram. We have always loved her personal style this particular cool chick and actress.

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Cocktail Red Dresses: Cocktail Dresses Are A Little More Casual Than Evening Dresses

April 3rd, 2017 by admin under cocktail red dresses

cocktail red dresses It’s a good idea to stand upright and your feet must keep together. FabricAs for the fabrics, dresses and formal dresses are basically identical.

Materials can differ.

One of the concerns that stands out as an evening dress is the wideshoulder cut while oneshoulder or demurely cut halter can signify the cocktail dress. Satin, taffeta and organza go well with any gowns. That’s interesting. Almost always never pure cotton. Silk. Did you know that a high quality blend of synthetics and the abovementioned materials. Cut can be different. It’s interesting sorty, while we’re talking about an evening or formal event. Do you know an answer to a following question. It rocks, doesn’t it?

How can we tell the difference between cocktail dresses and evening dresses?

The following tips may It’s an interesting fact that the most popular vision is nothing a hot girl in a sexy dress with nice legs, whenever it boils down to a cocktail party. By the way, the invitation tells A Black Tie Party which means we must wear formal dresses. Notice that these aspects shouldn’t be neglected. Cocktail dresses going to be short, decent, perfectly tailored and created from good material. That said, the style is elegant and feminine. Then again, the length is around the knee and is always created from elegant material. Dresses are short and without many details, unlike evening dresses. Nevertheless, a cocktail dress is a ‘shorter length’ dress that ranges from just below the knee to 2 inches above the ankle or uching the ankle. It can be anywhere from above the knee to a few inches above the ankle. Seriously. Now look, a dress can be worn to a ‘semiformal’ event. However, it’s an evening dress that is identified by its length.

cocktail red dresses FormalityA cocktail dress usually means what we wear to a cocktail party.

Choosing what to wear depends on the event formality.

You So if you wear a dress in a formal event. Drinks and appetizers are generally served there. Guests have freedom to decide the skirt length since a cocktail party is less formal than most events. Usually, floor length is absolutely the most popular one when you’re attending some formal events like a cathedral wedding. You see, skirt lengthThe length of cocktail dresses can be ranged from midthigh to knee length. While a knee length dress suits for allfigures, a ‘midthigh’ long dressesis fabulous for a woman with nice legs. Now look. You can decide the skirt length as indicated by your body shape. Anyway, the lengths of evening dresses are generally from knee length to floor length. And so it’s not appropriate to wear an aboveknee length dress in a formal occasion. Every is worn for another occasion, falls to a tally different length and is complemented with different accessories. Usually, cocktail dresses are a little more casual than evening dresses. By the way, an evening dress and cheap cocktail dressesare alike the way that they are dresses made from high end, sometimes luxury fabrics, but, in many ways, I’m quite sure, that’s where the similarity ends.

cocktail red dresses Now look, an evening dress, called a special occasion dressesis a long flowing women’s dress usually worn to a formal affair.

In contrast, an evening gown can be any silhouette -sheath, mermaid, ‘A line’ or trumpet shaped -and may have straps, halters or even sleeves, Although the terms are used interchangeably, ball gowns and evening gowns differ in that a ball gown will always have a full, flared skirt and a strapless bodice.

Evening gowns are often created from a luxury fabric like chiffon, velvet, satin, or silk. Normally, it ranges from tea and ballerina to fulllength. With that said, colorCocktail dresses are available in a variety of colors and patterns. On the contrary, you must pay attention when choosing color of an evening gown. Remember, monotone or uncomplicated color combinations are appropriate for formal dresses, as usual. Known bold colors like pink or tiger brindles are sure to turn heads in a cocktail party. Furthermore, be careful with the bright hues like dark red or pink at funeral. Please do not worry about that you might be more attractive than the bride in a wedding or you might not look graceful in a bright shiny colored dress in a whitish tie occasion. Cocktail dresses are worn for receptions, meetings and events that demand you to present in an outfit for the occasion.

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Cocktail Orange Dresses: My Penchant For Redish Wine Plus My Clumsiness Equals Fiasco

March 12th, 2017 by admin under cocktail red dresses

cocktail red dresses With a Kleenex she wiped curve off her corner lips.

She savagely unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head.

She wasn’t planning to wear a girdle. While showing her teeth, laurie laughed. Her behind was intending to shake its heart out. Her mother had said she was take worrying, lace cocktail dresses and full that fancy lace meant fancy price tags, I actually can’t get enough. It’s everywhere at this point, and like a greedy little chubby kid in a candy store I’m lapping up as much as they usually can.

Cleanly we went online to search for the more unusual cocktail dresses to make a splash at the event, I was lately invited to a fun charity ball and wanted something that wouldn’t look out of place at a Bruce Wayne party!

Cocktail dresses don’t need to come in the LBD form, take bit of aKnow what, I adore vintage, and dropped in love with the first one we clapped eyes on.

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