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Dress The Party: Don’T Forget To Add Eyeliner

December 8th, 2016 by admin under dress the party

dress the party One web design trend that was never a decent idea and is now out of fashion are these darned slide shows.

I’d bet your web statistics will confirm that plenty of people quit after a few slides.

Please consider making your content easier to peruse. You still see them everywhere, like a lot bad fashion. For instance, they are slow to load and fiddly to navigate. Notice that wait, where is that magic and unmarked spot to hover to get the arrows again? Cherry Red is the color of the season.

I’ve seen it all over the runways and in the pages of nearly any magazine, and what I love about the color is that it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

Try wearing a pretty dark red dress and blazer to work, after that, remove the jacket for night, add metallic heels and a clutch, throw your hair up in a casual French twist and you’re ready to hit the wn!

It can be as simple an addition to your work attire as a glossy redish lip and dark red suede pumps.

Carry this to work with you, or leave a bit of these little extras stashed in your desk.

You shouldreally have a designated te bag with very easy makeup/hair kit, room for a great pair of heels, jewelry, dry shampoo, and a sparkly layer. Normally, you never know what events might pop up on the agenda at the last minute, and being able to do very easy prep to get party ready after the work day makes life very much easier. That is interesting. Smudge it in a bit, add a shimmery highlight right below the brows, and you’re all set. Nothing says party like a smoky eye, and what an easy update so that’s. I don’t go overboard here, just a little extra liner to define the eyes do the trick.

Claire lives in Seattle with her husband and Black Lab, Scout, and loves exploring the beautiful Northwestwith weekend hikes, ski trips in the mountains, and boat rides on the Puget Sound.

Sharing all of this, and life’s great experiences with friends and family is the icing on the cake!

Traveling to new places is a passion, and her favoritewayto discover the newest and greatest next thing. Statement necklaces or chandelier earrings brighten up that basic, and a leather moto jacket is the perfect pper to stay warm while out and about.

Being that they’re this particular seasonal fashion item.

dress the party Stay simple with this trend and wear just one piece that incorporates sparkle.

I love sequined pencil skirts paired with a flowy blouse, or cozy lightweight crew neck sweater.

That I’m on trend and look festive, still approachable, I always try to balance the entire look. Always pack a smaller purse to bring out at night. It is I suggest a cross body bag that you can fit the essentials in… house keys, credit cards, phone, lipstick for sure, and leave your work items at the office. Now look. That way you’re not lugging a big bag around all night, and you can bring everything else home the next day.

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Dress The Party – The Cut’s Latest Shopping Features

November 22nd, 2016 by admin under dress the party

dress the party I am pretty sure that there could be a few friends and neighbours who wished that they had thought of using vampire costume ideas to almost any occasion.

Try a ‘eye catching’ gold party dress or a flowy ‘one shouldered’ dress for an elegant, ‘Grecianinspired’ look. Of course, don’t fret! Attending a formal event? Choose from endless cuts and styles, like a halter dress, strapless dress, or collared dress. Be sure to take a glance at our ‘vintage inspired’ party dresses, I’d say if you’re envisioning a classic look. Accessorize your stylish party dress with a jewel ned clutch and metallic heels to complete your formal ensemble!If you’re heading to a more casual celebration, sport one of our ruffled, tiered, or mini party dresses for a fun and feminine look.

We have hundreds of cute party dresses for nearly any occasion.

dress the party Our bright colors and unique prints are sure to keep all eyes on you!

Style your party dress with statement jewelry and ‘peeptoe’ pumps to complement your darling party ensemble. Eventually, fIND YOUR PERFECT PARTY DRESS A special event has arrived, and the grand question arises -What do I wear? Of course try an eyecatching gold party dress or a flowy one shouldered dress for an elegant, Grecianinspired look. Attending a formal event? Lots of information can be found easily on the internet. You’re sure to find one you love, with our amazing selection of cute party dresses. Add a pop of color to your hair accessories, jewelry, and shoes to suit your look for whatever the occasion might be!Finding an unique party dress for a special event is now something to look forward to! Hey, do not fret! So, keep it festive by wearing this velvet Aritzia dress with matching blazer and a redish clutch for color.

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With Thechoice Of The Proper Dressand The Accessories – Fashionable And In Style Summer White Dresses (Images)

September 16th, 2016 by admin under dress the party

dress the party And therefore the maxi dresses are worn all the time since they are comfortable and flatter almost any woman.

The dresses are ideal for every body type.

Choose a dress that caressing your curves and shows little of your skin, if you have not an athletic body. Just try to find a dress that fits you. Known the dresses are suitable for women who are athletic body type. Basically the baggy silhouette of caressing the body but does not stress the curves or the middle. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. While tying with bow, many of us know that there are some more modern pieces that follow the trends for In this catecory belong dresses with openings on the sides, moreover a nice version with lace and opening in the back.

dress the party Some more formal and elegant choices are the maxi dress that flatters your body and leaves your shoulders open, and the dresslike crosses below the chest. Especially in summer, dresses in white gives a feeling of freshness and elegance. You can choose a classic shirtdress or a dress with long sleeves, that can be flipped up, So in case you really like this style. Look for a dress with long sleeves, if you look for to be covered by the top. I know that the maxi dresses are ideal for each body type, don’t forget to find what suits you more. Chose a dress Aline, if you have curves. Now look, the shirtdress dresses can flatter any woman enough to choose the right shape.

Each woman can wear it, regardless of her body.

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